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Our very first episode drops next week!

Dear friend of The Classroom Beyond,

We’re just one week away from the first episode of my podcast for informal educators! Starting on the 29th of November, I’ll be dropping a new conversation every Tuesday. Here’s what the first three episodes have in store:

  • Nov. 29: Tellus Science Museum (Georgia) educator Kady Yeomans; we talk about museum floor technique and handling controversial topics. Blog posts on audience-centered teaching and the research of Louise Chawla on early-life experiences in nature.
  • Dec. 6: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (California) educator Jim DePompei on their storied history of teaching through movement and activity. I blog about the teaching technique total physical response and one of the world’s more bizarre silversides: grunion.
  • Dec. 13: San Antonio Zoo (Texas) educator Eileen Garcia-Sanchez on the benefits of risky play and experiential education for pre-school aged learners. The blog describes the link between risky play and children’s health – research seems to indicate that promoting some risk-taking leads to more safety and wellbeing.

Each podcast also includes a “fun fact” of the week – from the smell of coyote urine to a peripheral vision experiment – so make sure to listen until the end!

Oh, by the way – I don’t believe in involuntary e-mail newsletters. If you want me to keep you up to date on the project, just respond to this message with a “count me in” or something and I’ll add you to my list. (Or visit the newsletter page to subscribe.) Otherwise, you can expect no more bulk e-mail from me, I promise.

To those of you from the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving! To all of you, many thanks again for your interest and support of the project. Feel free to get in touch – I’d love to hear what you think.


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