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It’s the first episode ever!

The premiere has arrived! This week we air the first episode of The Classroom Beyond Informal Education Podcast. Here’s what’s in store:

The Podcast

I talk with Tellus Science Museum (Georgia) educator Kady Yeomans about museum floor techniques. Tellus is a world-class museum in a small town, Cartersville, Georgia, a city of about 25,000 in rural northern Georgia. The town’s dream was to become a regional museum hotspot. The Tellus is its crown jewel, and Kady and I talk about museum floor techniques and how to teach content like evolution that may be at odds with your audience’s values. Here’s a link to the podcast episode.

New to Podcasts?

Not an active podcast listener? Here are some hints.

  • There are a lot of ways to hear podcasts. First, you can listen right from the Web site.
  • Most folks, though, like to use a smartphone app like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. I’ve got direct links for all those apps on the Web site.
  • You can also search for the podcast from whatever app you use. The best search phrase is “The Classroom Beyond Informal Education Podcast.”

The Blog

Along with the podcast, each week I post to the Web site. First, I write a lot about education jargon – like the post on audience-centered teaching that accompanies this week’s podcast. When I entered the career as an outdoor educator, I never got briefed on all the educator-speak I needed to know! So I’m trying to make up for the gap.

Sometimes I will also focus on a topic from the conversation, like this week’s post about research into early-life nature experiences.

Fun Facts!

Finally, at the end of each podcast conversation, I feature a fun fact from one of the educators. We teachers are, after all, learners, too! This week, for example, there’s a peripheral vision demo from naturalist Claire Dobie. So make sure you listen until the end!

Coming Soon:

  • Dec. 6: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (California) educator Jim DePompei
  • Dec. 13: San Antonio Zoo (Texas) preschool educator Eileen Garcia-Sanchez

As always, please feel free to get in touch with feedback or ideas. It’s a brand new project and I’d love to know which parts are working for you.


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