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Making Connections – and Music!

Hi, friends! I’ve gotten a lot of nice feedback about my podcast’s first few episodes – thanks to all who’ve gotten in touch. I’m always looking for more informal educator guests, too – just drop by the Web site and contact me!

The Podcast

On this week’s podcast, I talk with piano teacher Jim Cornfoot from Memphis, Tennessee. We talk about the kinds of connections non-classroom teachers make with their students. For some informal educators like piano teachers, those connections can last for years.

The Blog

There’s a huge body of research around affective connection and how it impacts learning. Essentially, we learn when we have connective relationships with the teachers and fellow learners around us. So the first blog post this week is about how we’re hard-wired to learn through interpersonal connection. Check it out on the blog here.

Also, I’m fascinated by the very basic question of “How do you talk to your students?” Like, exactly what mode do you use – do you lecture? Ask a lot of questions? What kind of questions? What’s your approach? So in the jargon blog, I look into one strategy called “reflective dialogue.” The jargon blog post is here!

Don’t forget to drop by the Web site to leave a comment, send an e-mail, or even suggest my next informal educator guest!

Happy Holidays!

The podcast is taking next week off for the winter break. We’ll be back on January 3, 2023. Thanks to all for your support, and Happy New Year!


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