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The Nature of Nature-Based Education

Hello and Happy New Year from The Classroom Beyond! From here in coastal California, the whole world looks awfully wet, but I’ve dried off long enough to bring you a conversation with Minnesota naturalist Claire Dobie. On this week’s podcast we talk about fieldcraft (should your students raise their hands when you’re in the middle of the forest?) and the all important skill of saying “I don’t know!”

The Blog: Evidence for Nature-Based Education

We’ve been talking about nature-based learning for so long that I thought I should provide some background. Pretty much everyone feels that learning in nature is important and valuable. This week, I provide some evidence! The blog post is here!

I Don’t Know

Claire and I had an especially fun talk about why interpretive naturalists (and, in fact, teachers in general) should say “I don’t know” a lot. I liked the conversation so much, in fact, that I took it for the topic of this week’s blog post: Why Teachers Should Say “I Don’t Know”. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Coming Up

Next week, we’ll talk with our first drop-in or “outreach” educator – Brittany Sabol, an informal educator who visits classrooms, bringing science programs to augment the classroom instruction. Hope you can join us.

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