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Thematic Interpretation

On this week’s podcast, I talk with Elise McFarland, an Interpretation and Education Manager for the California State Park system. In her far-ranging job, she’s responsible for several parks’ cultural resources and, of course, many levels and modes of interpretation.

Like many informal educators – especially outdoor educators in regional parks – Elise calls herself an interpreter. Since Freeman Tilden published Interpreting Our Heritage in 1957, the idea of interpretation as a cultural activity has spread throughout the community of naturalists and museum educators and spawned organizations like the National Association for Interpretation. On the blog this week, I describe some of this history and current state of the term: Thematic Interpretation as an Art and a Science

Vote for Tellus!

Last month, I talked on the podcast with Kady Yeomans of Tellus Science Museum in Georgia. Well, Tellus has been nominated by USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Science Museum! If you can help them out with a vote, that would be great. I can attest to you that they deserve it! Here’s the link!

Thanks Again

Thanks again to everyone who’s gotten in touch. I really appreciate all the ideas for what interpreters and informal educators I should speak to next! Here’s my contact page if you have an idea, feedback, or a question.


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