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Inclusion in Informal Education

Inclusion in Informal Education

On this week’s podcast episode, I have a conversation with two Explainer-Facilitators from the Exploratorium, San Francisco’s storied palace of science, art, and perception. Gwen Payne and Gianna Calamar both participate in the Exploratorium’s diversity and inclusion efforts, and we talk a lot today about how including everyone improves the visitor experience and, of course, increases learning.

Explainer-Facilitator Gianna Canamar with Exploratorium visitors
©The Exploratorium; used by permission.

By the Way… Vote for your Favorite Science Museum!

You have two more weeks to vote for USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Science Museum. Among the ten are two that I’ve featured on the podcast – the Exploratorium in San Francisco and the Tellus Science Museum in Georgia. And I trained at a third candidate, the California Academy of Sciences. Give one of them a vote, won’t you?

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